Carroll County High School Students Awarded Work Ethic Certificates | Carroll News Democrat

At Thursday’s school board meeting, ten Carroll County High School students received work ethic certificates. Those recognized were Maci Breeden, Cameron Darnold, Ashlyn Davis, Layne Huesman, Henry Kwok, MacKenzie Perry, Haily Raisor, Cheyanne Scherder, Johnica Spenneberg and Anthony “Dylan” Wilson.

Nineteen other students also received this certificate but were not present at the meeting. Absent were Victoria Brandon, Trinity Brown, Lylah Cox, Michael Foster, Sophie Fremin, Emily Kate Hagan, Zachary Martin, Andrew Munsie, Megan Nelson, Areli Jackie Onofre-Mejia, Nicki Parrish, Megan Perkinson, Kaden Reynolds, Jordyn Shepherd, Hope Staley, Luke Staley, Jackie Stephens, Bailey Stewart and Cyrus Tuttle.

These students had to meet certain standards set by the school. They could not get more than two unjustified absences, suffer behavioral incidents or receive a grade lower than C per semester. Students were also required to be involved in two of the following activities: (1) School/Community Team/Individual Sport (2) School/Community Extracurricular Activity (3) Full on-the-job learning experience, such as a co-op program, internship , mentoring , service learning and entrepreneurship (4 points): Complete 10 hours of community service.

All students awarded this certificate have completed the Workplace Ethics Education Program and received the certificate, along with a seal on their high school diploma and a graduation cord.

New Buses for Carroll County Schools

At Thursday’s school board meeting, the budget for two new school buses for the next school year was approved. According to Jon Conrad, financial director of Carroll County Schools, the school system has needed new buses for some time now. The Commission allocated $214,000 for the two buses. They also budgeted $150,000 for diesel fuel for fiscal year 2023.

K Winn and CCHS will receive new Combi ovens

Kathryn Winn Primary and Carroll County High School will receive new combination ovens for their cafeterias in 2023. The board awards the bid for the ovens to Manning Brother’s for their alternate 2 UNOX proposal in the amount of $37,680.52.

Maria D. Ervin