Anusha plans to enjoy her birthday at work | Bengali Cinema News

Anusha Viswanathan is happy that it is a work anniversary for her today. Asked about it, the actress said: “Yesterday all my close friends came to my house to ring in my birthday. We had mutton biryani and chicken chaap for dinner because it’s my favorite dish. My ( Madhumanti Maitra) received two cakes – one was strawberry and the other chocolate flavored So we all had a great food adda last night Today I will start filming the first film by Poroma Neotia, Arjun: The War Within. I play a glamorous electric guitarist in this musical. There can’t be a better birthday present than this! To get into the skin of the character, I borrowed an electric guitar to my friend and I learned to play it too. Anusha likes the payesh that her grandmother makes for her birthday. “I can’t wait for the payment to be made by dida and she feeds me too. My prepares mutton for lunch The dinner program is still uncertain because it depends on the end of my filming. But I’m sure my parents and friends will organize something special for me. Ma gave me a laptop, while baba hasn’t given me my birthday present yet,” the birthday girl said.

What are his birthday resolutions, we ask… “To be a better human being and make more meaningful movies. The pandemic has taught us to value relationships, so I’m trying to actively make that effort to make all connections special,” said the actress who plays a pivotal role in her father Ashoke Viswanathan’s film, which will debut in March. end of March.

Maria D. Ervin