Alia Bhatt can’t wait to work with this director again

When Alia Bhatt appeared in the Student of the Year auditions, she was 16. After a decade. She is Gangubai – a leader by choice. She wants to keep leveling up.

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“When Gangubai came out in theaters,” she says, “I went on the first day to visit the theater, and in one of the theaters, I was walking through the crowd to give them roses, because Gangubai had l used to give roses, and I met my teachers who taught me how to play for this very big piece that we performed on the annual day, Fiddler on the Roof. It was the first time that the school recruited theater professionals: Yashwant Singh and Salone (Mehta) Ma’am. That was my only formal training as an actor.” A delighted Bhatt took the microphone to announce that these teachers had taught her how to act, and the theater veterans received a standing ovation from the audience. “It was unreal. Unreal.”

When asked if she would ever make a film promoting an ideology she disagrees with in her personal life, she begins with a “maybe not” then quickly and forcefully changes it to a “obviously not”. She explains, “I wouldn’t naturally be interested in that.”

Alia makes the movies she likes to watch. “There’s nothing wrong with what you’re trying to say,” she clarifies, keen not to ruffle feathers, “It’s just something that wouldn’t naturally turn me on.”

On her process and how she gets into character, she says, “I’m not very talkative. But I can’t be in the zone all the time either.”

On set, there can be a lot of noise, so she sometimes plays music just to drown it out. She claims not to follow a set procedure. She just needs to memorize her lines as preparation. The actress seems particularly interested in various storytelling techniques at the moment.

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“You can have the best actors but, if the director is a little confused, then you’ll suck and the movie will be confused. With a solid director, you’re manipulated, you’re managed, you’re helped, you’re comforted.”

Alia expresses her gratitude for Karan Johar and Imtiaz Ali holding her hand and expresses her eagerness to work with “Sanjay sir” once again, “I can’t say how fast time would fly on this set because of my mental commitment.”

Read the full interview HERE.

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