Ajay Shetty advises young people to work hard and execute new ideas.

Bengaluru-based businessman – Ajay Shetty graduated from ChristCollege, Bengaluru and went on to with a master’s degree from the New York Institute of Technology and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Ajay has always been an entrepreneur at heart, even though he started out in finance. His experience as a former banker at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch gave him a solid foundation in how financial markets work globally, with experience in New York and Hong Kong. Ajay enjoys spending time with his family and friends, enjoys traveling and plays a good sport. Here he talks about his new business Salud Beverages and more.

From investment banker to entrepreneur. How did it all happen?

In 2011, I thought there was a huge void in wine in India, so I decided to relocate to work on the idea. It was just a perception of what was going on with great interest, and there was a buzz in the market. I decided to roughly follow my instincts. I think I’ve always been an entrepreneur of sorts. So, the idea of ​​getting into food and drink, especially wine, and the view that wine was an accessory to every culture has always appealed to me. Coming from a farming family also added to the idea. I had never worked in India before starting my entrepreneurial adventure. It was the right time for us. We built the Myra brand and were able to sell it. Now we have “Salud”.

Why is Salud unique?

Salud is unique because we are not just an alcobev brand but a lifestyle brand. The emphasis is on making more massive interesting drinks. We took the idea of ​​putting India’s first gin & tonic in a bottle very seriously as we took a look at the beverage being explored globally. The idea for Salud itself was unique because the concept and the journey over the past 12 months has been phenomenal. Salud is a friendly family business. The people, ideas and concepts make it unique, to be precise.

Why the name Salud?

Salud means “Cheers” in Spanish. It’s a celebration, and since we’re a beverage company, maybe it makes the most sense.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs today?

Work hard and execute new ideas.

Is Salud only linked to India?

It is currently only available in two states in India. We register in three other states. We intend to go global in the future and we are already in talks with two countries to export. The aim is to make it a global brand with a global bottle experience.

How to relax after a busy day?

I spend time with friends and family. I like spending time with my friends. If I have time, play sports or read. Passionate about travel and work helps me travel so sometimes it works. So these things help me relax.

Describe Ajay Shetty in one word.


What is your favorite family activity?

Get everyone together and spend time with each of them.

What other areas would you like to invest in?

We will be focusing on the food and beverage industry and all things lifestyle like merchandise, music, experiences etc as we are here to change the way the world takes place.

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