A mother’s housework could justify an income of more than $126,725

Insure.com, a comprehensive source of insurance information, releases its 12th annual Mother’s Day Index showing that the work many mothers typically do for their households could justify an income of more than $126,725. That’s a 9.2% increase over last year’s results, the first time the index has topped six figures.

Find the annual report: Index Mother’s Day 2022

“Mothers do so much more than they’re given credit for, and we’ve created this index to highlight that,” says Nupur Gambhir, editor of Insure.com, who oversaw the Mother’s Day Index for This year. “The work they do equates to a salary that exceeds six figures. We hope that by showcasing all the vital work mothers do, there will be more advocacy for them at home and in the workplace.

Insure.com compiles its Mother’s Day Index each year. The editorial team places a value on all the housekeeping work that primary caregivers typically do, such as cooking dinner and helping with homework. Editors match these tasks to actual job titles and calculate a salary based on the most recent salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

For many mothers, the work they do is balancing a family with a full-time job – doing two jobs but only financially compensating for one.

Mums are spending time cooking, cleaning, baking and teaching – occupations that have seen, in many cases, significant wage increases over last year.

— Bakers: salary increase of 6%

— Cooks: salary increase of 7%

— Chambermaids and cleaners: 14% wage increase

— Teachers: 19%

Some mothers, such as those caring for children with special needs, do even more. A study found that mothers of children with disabilities have to spend three extra hours a week on childcare and household chores, unlike other parents.

“Given all the work mothers do, they are irreplaceable,” says Gambhir. “However, it is still essential to have financial guarantees in place in the event of the death of a caretaker. Whether it is household chores, medical care or income, it is important to plan for any financial loss by taking out a life insurance policy before it’s too late.

Gambhir is available to comment on this year’s Mother’s Day Index calculations and answer questions about life insurance options.


“Mom’s Economic Value” is based on Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational wages and does not include earnings from work outside the home. It is calculated from a list of common household chores that mothers often perform.

Maria D. Ervin