8 best concept models for work

With seamless sharing and collaboration capabilities, Notion continues to move from a personal database tool to something you would use at work. With the right model, Notion can completely transform the way you do work on the job. Here are the eight best concept models for the job.

Concept models for work

You can always build a Notion page from scratch, but it will take a lot of effort and time on your part to create the perfect setup. This is where models come in to solve problems. Just choose a relevant template from the list below, edit the Notion blocks as needed, and you’re good to go.

1. Content calendar

This is ideal for those who work in the content creation department. You can schedule all content to release next month on a Notion page. The template comes with a weekly view and lets you manage Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter content in style.

Concept content calendar

There’s also a page for a brain dump and refinement ideas for brainstorming with other members of the Notion team.

2. Concept e-commerce dashboard

Are you running an e-commerce business? You need to have a database that contains buyer activity, reviews, customer trends, reviews, etc. Meet Notion e-commerce dashboard template.

Concept e-commerce template

It offers a quick overview of all the sales you’ve made, inventory, exchange rates, and a separate page for data, analytics, and more.

3. Financial monitoring

Is it difficult to keep track of all your expenses and investments on one page? Many. Especially when it comes to months and years of spending and data. This ultimate financial tracker will help you manage everything in one Notion page.

Financial tracker in concept

The financial tracking template is built with many formulas that allow you to add a transaction and automatically calculate your new bank account balance. Good, isn’t it?

4. IKIGAI Guide

In extreme working conditions, it is necessary to maintain a work-life balance. Ikigai is a Japanese concept which means “your purpose”. You can see a beautiful Ikigai graphic and answer your inner questions like what you’re good at, what you love to do, what’s needed in the world, and more.

Ikigai concept template

Of course, you can replace them with personalized questions. The Ikigai section below will help you add more questions and life goals to a Notion page.

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5. Job application template

Do you want to change your workplace soon? Nowadays, recruiters ask for personal information, work experience, cover letter, resume, etc. You can compile everything into one Notion page and share the read-only link with others.

cover letter concept

You are ready to make a great impression in your new job.

6. Blog post planner

This is ideal for small posts and bloggers. You can have blog posts in progress, in review, published, and even reminders to have these holiday guides go live a week before Christmas from a single Notion page.

Notion blog post scan

There is also a dedicated blog post ideas database to brainstorm with team members. Don’t forget to share the Notion page with others to make changes or join the conversation.

7. Team planning toolkit

It’s time to move on and plan for the next year. This Notion template allows you to set up a system that links your team’s goals to granular projects and tasks.

Concept socket model

It will ultimately help you define its vision and mission, follow OKRs, and set up a personalized roadmap in minutes.

8. Model of documents

This helps you organize and track documents shared within your team. Admin can set and apply tags to indicate stakeholders, deadlines, document type, etc. You can add additional database properties as you see fit and find everything easily.

Concept documents template

This is especially useful for the company’s processes of recording and posting product or design specs where many people can comment, contribute, and reference them in the future.

Master the concept at work

Pick your favorite models from the list above and start managing your schedule from Notion. While you’re at it, show us your perfect Notion at Work setup in the comments below.

Last updated on December 23, 2021

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Maria D. Ervin