10 Best Countries to Work Remotely Worldwide

Whether you love working from home with your dog or dread endless Zoom meetings, one simple fact is true: the world is experiencing a remote working revolution. As many remote workers sat in their kitchens, bedrooms, and home offices from computers, a number thought about upgrading their environment to something a little more exciting. After all, there is plenty of Wi-Fi in a Spanish beach house.

So you’ve decided to ditch working from your comfortable hometown for an exciting new place (with electricity and high-speed internet, of course). Where in the world should you go? If you’re stuck spinning a globe or throwing darts at a map, you might want to check out the list of remote work destinations Kayak.com recently released.

The ranked list, which includes more than 100 nations, assigns scores to countries based on weather, cost of living, health/safety and a few other categories. As you browse the list, you can click on any of the six categories to see what data is used to calculate the score. Each destination is then assigned a final score and ranked accordingly. If some criteria are more important to you than others, you’re in luck; you can browse the list based on any of the available factors to ensure you find the perfect place to set up shop with your trusty laptop – and possibly a drink.

Here are the top 10 countries on the list and a brief overview of why they are ideal places to work remotely.


For those currently suffering from the gray slush and bitter wind of winter, the colorful country of Portugal may seem quite appealing. If you are concerned about Portugal when thinking about where you work, your instincts are backed up by the hard data gathered by the folks at Kayak.com. Coming in at number one on the list, Portugal has a perfect final score of 100 out of 100. Kayak.com cited the country’s political stability, excellent weather and high percentage of English-speaking residents for the country’s place at the top. from the list. Less exciting – but just as important – is the fact that Portugal is offering a digital nomad visa for remote workers who want to get out and see the world while maintaining their source of income.

The journey awaits you writers Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris moved from the United States to Portugal. Check out some of their work to learn more about the logistics of moving abroad and what to do and see when you visit Portugal.

2. Spain

Portugal’s immediate neighbor Spain ranks second on Kayak’s list. Anyone who’s experienced slow internet when trying to work remotely knows the importance of a strong connection, and Spain’s great high-speed internet infrastructure will ensure you don’t find yourself stuck in mid-sentence when dialing. a videoconference.

Like in Portugal, the Spanish government provides visas for remote workers, so you won’t have to smuggle your stapler and important spreadsheet files across the border. Kayak.com also notes that Spain is very safe and LGBTQ friendly. Remote workers who spend time in Spain can work during the day and immerse themselves in Spanish culture, cuisine and history in the evenings and on weekends.

Take a break during your stay in Spain to try some tapas or visit Granada.

3. Romania

While the mention of Romania might conjure up images of vampires walking around castles, it’s also a great place to live and work remotely. Of course, if castles are your thing, you can find plenty of them here in your spare time. Kayak points out that Romania might be a better remote work destination for people who prefer to settle into traditional life in a small village. Kayak also highlights the availability of high quality internet service, low cost of living and economical long term apartment rentals.

You can start by discovering the famous region of Transylvania, but you can also enjoy a hidden gem like Brasov.

4. Mauritius

With a final score of 90, Mauritius is not far behind Romania. Located off the coast of Madagascar, this island nation is known for its fantastic beaches, great food and opportunities for adventure. The categories in which it scores highest on Kayak’s list are travel, health/safety and weather, although it scores low in the social life category. If you’d rather sit on a beach and scuba dive than visit art museums and theatres, Mauritius might be the place for you.

For a bucket-list-worthy itinerary, read Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey’s experiences in Mauritius.

5. Japan

Japan is tied with Mauritius with a final score of 90. Unlike Mauritius’ low social life score, the category is the highest in Japan, mainly due to the country’s large number of cultural destinations like theaters and galleries. and “going out” places like bars and clubs. Japan is famous for the role it plays in the tech industry, and this is reflected in Japan’s remote work score, which is determined based on internet speed and work visa availability. remotely and coworking spaces. Although Japan does not offer a remote work visa, according to Kayak, the country has the fastest internet of any country in the top 10. With that in mind, Japan’s score of 76 in the work category distance is among the highest in the world. entire list.

While Tokyo is the most popular destination for travelers visiting Japan, you can also see the country’s mesmerizing star-sand beaches.

6. Malta

Only behind Japan by one point overall (89), Malta sits comfortably in the top 10. The Mediterranean country ranks highly due to its health and safety and remote working scores. While the prospect of working remotely is exciting and fun, it should be noted that many have the freedom to do so as a direct result of an ongoing global pandemic. That said, Malta is a safe place to live or visit based on Kayak’s criteria of political stability, possibility of violence, car accidents, air pollution and LGBTQ rights. When you factor in Malta’s low COVID rate, the country seems like a perfect place for a safe and healthy remote workplace. As far as remote working is concerned, Malta recently introduced a one-year “nomadic stay permit” aimed at bringing remote workers into the country for some productivity balanced with rest and relaxation. Malta’s natural beauty and interesting architecture will certainly help you with the latter.

Malta is a favorite location for retirees, which bodes well for remote workers, who are often looking for the same things in a destination. You can also read more about the Malta Digital Nomad Visa here.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the first entry on the list located in the Americas. With one of the best balances between the six main categories on the Kayak list, Costa Rica is a great option for remote workers who value all of the different rating categories equally. The Central American country’s proximity to the United States also makes it an easy-to-reach destination for remote workers from the United States Famous for its rainforest and spectacular wildlife, Costa Rica is perfect for photographers and people who like to be surrounded by natural beauty.

Costa Rica’s wildlife is phenomenal, and it’s also a great place for retirees.

8. Panama

Panama, Costa Rica’s southern neighbor, is also a great place to settle into a new tropical working life. Similar to other countries that feature in the top 10, Panama offers a visa for remote workers. Its two highest scores are for weather and travel, meaning you might want to check if your goal is to escape the winter blues. Its central location and business-friendly policies mean that workers involved in international trade will feel right at home during their stay. If you need to fly to another country for some good old-fashioned in-person networking, there are plenty of flights to and from the Central American nation.

Panama City is an urban playground where you can spend some of those hard-earned remote work dollars.

9. Czechia (Czech Republic)

Czechia, also known as the Czech Republic, is another solid choice for remote “Czech” workers. Although the weather is not as sunny as many other places on Kayak’s list, Czechia makes up for it with balanced scores in the other categories. With high scores for political stability and social equality and low numbers of road deaths and air pollution, this European nation is a place where you can work and play comfortably without feeling having to look over your shoulder. Its capital, Prague, is a vibrant city packed with beautiful architecture, fascinating history and a cool art scene.

When the clock strikes 5 while working in Prague, migrate to a bar and try some amazing Czech beer.

10. Germany

Although Germany is the last country on this list, it should be noted that it scored higher than 101 other places. With a final score of 83, Germany’s most notable category is social life, in which it received a perfect score of 100. The breakdown by category highlights the large proportion of English speakers in Germany and the ratios high in theatres, museums, bars and clubs compared to residents. Whether you prefer to stroll the hills in lederhosen or explore the city streets for cultural and gastronomic opportunities, you are sure to find something exceptional while working remotely from Germany.

If you’re intimidated by the thought of German cuisine, see if you feel the same way after reading Sage Scott’s guide to eating like a local in Bavaria. If you’re settling in for an extended stay in Berlin, you might want to try one (or all) of these day trips from the city.

While moving abroad to work remotely for a few months or years satisfies many people’s wanderlust, others are looking to make a more permanent change by retiring to another country. For more information on how to retire abroad, see these articles:

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